A pipeline of bioprinted tissue therapeutics

We are applying our full-stack tissue therapeutic platform to create implantable tissues that could transform the treatment of serious metabolic and endocrine diseases. 

Pancreatic Tissue Therapeutic

pancreatic tissue therapeutic

Liver Tissue Therapeutic

liver tissue therapeutic

Pancreatic Tissue Therapeutic

Type 1 diabetes exacts a tremendous toll on patients, their families, and society. Standard treatments require frequent monitoring, insulin delivery, and lifelong vigilance.

We are developing a bioprinted tissue therapeutic to transform the lives of patients living with type 1 diabetes. 

Pancreatic Tissue Therapeutic

A Solution for
Type 1 Diabetes

By bioprinting allogeneic cells encapsulated within immune-protective materials, we are creating functional and retrievable pancreatic tissues. These tissues are surgically implanted into the body to maintain normal glycemia without the need for immune suppression. This therapeutic would represent a transformative cure for patients dependent on insulin injections. 

Therapeutic cell:  Stem cell islet clusters

Potential indication: Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, obesity

Stage of development: Pre-clinical 

*Partnered program with Novo Nordisk*

Liver Tissue Therapeutic

The liver is a remarkable organ with the ability to regenerate. However, liver disease and liver failure are becoming increasingly prevalent and patients have limited options. There is a shortage of suitable liver donors and liver transplant recipients require life-long immunosuppression.

We are developing a bioprinted tissue therapeutic to redefine how acquired and genetic liver diseases are treated.

Liver Tissue Therapeutic

A Solution for
Liver Diseases

We are developing first-in-class allogeneic bioprinted cell therapies to restore lost or damaged liver function. These liver therapeutics would represent a breakthrough for patients suffering from acquired or genetic liver diseases. 

Therapeutic Cell:  Human hepatocytes 

Indication: Acute liver failure, acute-on-chronic liver failure, liver-related genetic disorders 

Stage of development: Pre-clinical


  • materials science
  • cell biology
  • microfluidics
  • 3d printing

We are pioneering the development of bioprinted tissue therapeutics to replace, repair, or supplement biological functions inside the body.

These implantable, allogeneic, cell-based therapies represent a paradigm shift in the traditional approach to regenerative medicine.

They can take on different forms — including retrievable implants or integrated tissues — to perform a variety of functions — including metabolic response, delivery of biologically active factors, or regeneration of damaged tissues.