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<p>Bioprinting tissue therapeutics to</p>
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Building a new class of regenerative medicine with our full-stack tissue therapeutic platform.

Our transformative platform technology combines our proprietary bioprinting technology, therapeutic cells, biomaterials, and computational design to build allogeneic tissue therapeutics.

Our Technology Platform
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Developing a targeted pipeline of bioprinted tissue therapeutics.

We apply our therapeutic platform to create implantable tissues that replace damaged organ functions and transform how we treat disease.

Our Therapeutic Programs
3D-printed human tissues

Joining forces to tackle the biggest challenges in regenerative medicine.

We partner with innovative pharma and biotech leaders to bring cutting-edge cell therapies to the clinic.

Our Partnerships
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Powered by people.

Our bold and interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs are powering our mission to create bioprinted tissue therapeutics for patients in need.

Meet Our Team

Diversity makes us stronger.

Our strength has always been in our diversity. Different people, thinking differently, unified in creating a world that is better for us all.

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