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Liver Tissue

Immuno-Oncology Model

Target Application

Liver Disease
Drug-induced Liver Injury

Liver disease is the leading cause of late-stage drug withdrawal despite standard preclinical animal testing. To enhance human relevance for DILI testing, JSR Corporation, a leading materials supplier in a variety of technology driven markets, and Aspect Biosystems are partnering to develop a vascularized liver tissue model. These studies focus on the development of a human-relevant, 3D liver tissue assay that models how compounds are metabolized within liver sinusoids, and lay the foundation for development of implantable tissue therapeutics for liver diseases. 

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Target Application


Solid tumour growth is highly regulated by cellular interactions within the tumour microenvironment (TME). Specifically, the interplay between tumour cells and associated stroma and immune cells within the TME represent a powerful relationship that influences disease initiation, progression, and patient prognosis. In collaboration with Merck, GSK, and Aspect Biosystems, Morag Park and her team at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre and McGill University Health Centre are leveraging the RX1™ Bioprinter and their biobank of patient-matched tumour-associated cells to develop a highly physiological, high-throughput tissue model that will enable the elucidation of mechanisms of the TME and ultimately lead to the development of an immuno-oncology model for the accurate and predictive screening of immuno-therapeutics targeting cancers, such as triple negative breast cancer.

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