Aspect Biosystems Awarded Canadian Government NRC-IRAP Funding

Sep 06, 2016

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – September 6, 2016 – Aspect Biosystems Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded $450,000 CAD in grant funding by the National Research Council-Industry Research Assistance Program ("NRC-IRAP") to further advance the development of its Lab-on-a-Printer™ platform technology and associated 3D bioprinted tissue applications. NRC-IRAP is a Canadian government-sponsored program that provides technical and business advisory services and financial contributions to support the development and commercialization of innovative technologies developed at qualified firms.

"NRC-IRAP has been very supportive of our ongoing research and development efforts and product innovation,” said Tamer Mohamed, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aspect Biosystems. “This additional funding will support us to strategically deploy our platform into world-class research labs and continue to develop a portfolio of high-value tissue applications."

The NRC-IRAP project provides key R&D support toward advancing Aspect’s unique Lab-on-a-Printer™ platform technology as the Company prepares to launch its Early Platform Access Program and expand its partnerships. “Specifically, the project aims to achieve break-through performance from our bioprinting system in terms of printed structure quality, complexity, and physiological relevance,” said Konrad Walus, Chief Technology Officer of Aspect Biosystems. “This will expand our ability to tackle the most important applications in fundamental biology and tissue engineering.”  

About Aspect Biosystems

Aspect Biosystems Ltd. is an award-winning biotechnology company operating at the leading edge of 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. Aspect was founded in 2013, building on over 10 years of biomedical and engineering research at the University of British Columbia. Aspect’s proprietary Lab-on-a-Printer™ platform technology is capable of creating living Human Tissues on Demand™ for broad applications in the life sciences. Aspect Biosystems’ 3D biofabrication technology is enabling advances in understanding fundamental biology, disease research, development of novel therapeutics, and regenerative medicine.  

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