Dirk Smith Joins Aspect Biosystems as an Advisor

Nov 01, 2016

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – November 1, 2016 – Aspect Biosystems Ltd. is pleased to announce that Mr. Dirk Smith will join the company as an advisor. Dirk Smith brings over 20 years of research and leadership experience in the biotech sector. As a research scientist, he has a strong foundation in human immunology and genetics in both oncology and inflammation settings. Prior to establishing Insight BioConsulting in 2015, Dirk was a Scientific Director in the Inflammation Research Department at Amgen, where he led biologics programs from early discovery to clinical stage testing. Most recently, he was the Global Research Leader for AMG 282, a first-in-class IL-33 pathway inhibitor currently entering phase II asthma trials. Dirk is recognized as an expert in the field of cytokine biology and has written several review articles on the IL-1 family. He also championed the development of a biomarker and patient stratification strategy and directed active collaboration with deCODE Genetics in Iceland. He often led efforts to both evaluate and integrate new technology platforms that could accelerate research objectives. Before Amgen, Dirk was at Immunex in Seattle, WA, where he cloned several new cytokines and led independent research in immunology.

Prior to joining industry, Dirk was at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where he contributed to oncology research teams investigating tumor resistance and growth regulation. Mr. Smith received his BSc from Washington State University and his MSc in Genetics from the University of New Hampshire. He has published over 40 articles, been granted 7 patents, and is frequently invited to speak at international conferences. He now provides strategic guidance as an independent consultant to academic and industry-based clients to help them advance bio-therapeutic programs and new technology. Aspect Biosystems President and CEO Tamer Mohamed said “we are very excited to have Dirk join Aspect Biosystems. Dirk’s expertise and experience in drug development will be extremely beneficial as the company expands its bioprinted tissue research and development and partnerships with best-in-class pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.” Dirk Smith commented “I'm happy to be part of the Aspect team as an advisor. I'm confident that their technology will make a significant impact on how drug development research is carried out. The ability to create high fidelity and highly relevant 3D cellular models will both reduce the need for animal studies and allow researchers to address more complex biological questions in a high-throughput manner. I also have confidence in the team Aspect has assembled; they are thoughtful and science-based and I look forward to contributing to their future success.”  

About Aspect Biosystems

Aspect Biosystems Ltd. is a privately held biotechnology company operating at the leading edge of 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. The company’s proprietary Lab-on-a-Printer™ platform technology is enabling advances in understanding fundamental biology, disease research, development of novel therapeutics, and regenerative medicine. In addition to its internal programs, Aspect is focused on strategically partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic researchers, to create physiologically and commercially relevant tissues. These tissues are used to advance and accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies.  

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