Aspect Biosystems to Present New 3D Printed Knee Meniscus Data at the Orthopaedic Research Society 2020 Meeting

Feb 06, 2020

3D Printed Meniscus Tissue Displays Appropriate Biomechanical and Structural Properties for Surgical Implantation and Physiological Function 

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – February 6, 2020 – Aspect Biosystems, a Canadian biotech company pioneering microfluidic 3D bioprinting of human tissues, will present the Company’s new meniscus data highlighting biomechanical accomplishments from their orthopaedic tissue therapeutic program at the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) 2020 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, February 8-11, 2020. 

Aspect’s broadly applicable technology platform enables the creation of living human tissues with unprecedented control, flexibility, and precision. In addition to Aspect’s internal tissue therapeutic programs for regenerative medicine, the Company works with its global partners to create high-value solutions that will transform medical research and clinical practice. 

 “We have significantly advanced our development of a bioprinted meniscus implant by using in vitro and ex vivo studies to demonstrate mechanical and structural properties suitable for long-term fixation and function in the knee,” said Dr. Sam Wadsworth, chief scientific officer, Aspect Biosystems. “We look forward to sharing new results at this leading conference and advancing our 3D bioprinted tissue therapeutic program to the next stages of development.” 

Meniscus injuries are one of the most common injuries of the knee joint. The meniscus demonstrates poor healing potential and there is significant unmet clinical need for effective and long-term meniscal replacement therapies to delay or prevent the development of osteoarthritis. Aspect is working to develop a cutting-edge solution to this problem through the creation of a 3D bioprinted tissue therapeutic that would replace the damaged part of the knee meniscus.

“Our broadly-applicable platform technology is enabling the creation of an entirely new class of advanced therapeutics that could shape every aspect of human health,” said Tamer Mohamed, chief executive officer, Aspect Biosystems. “We are very excited by the promising preclinical data from our knee meniscus tissue program and the potential to ultimately help patients live more active lives.”  

The Company’s presentations at ORS includes:

Poster # 1578 - A 3D Printed Meniscus Tissue Displays Appropriate Biomechanical and
 Structural Properties for Surgical Implantation and Physiological Function

  • Monday, February 10, 10:15-11:15 AM
  • Session PS2-072: Meniscus – Treatment and Therapeutics
  • Colleen Mathieu, PhD
    Research Scientist, Orthopaedic Bioengineering
    Aspect Biosystems

Presentation - "The possibilities and challenges of developing a knee meniscus implant using a unique 3D printing technology”

  • Monday, February 10, 12:25-12:50pm, Room “North 227”
  • Meniscus Section Meeting (Perspectives on Novel Technologies for Meniscus Repair, Regeneration, and Replacement)
  • Sam Wadsworth, PhD
    CSO, Aspect Biosystems

About Aspect Biosystems

Aspect Biosystems is a privately held biotechnology platform company pioneering the microfluidic 3D bioprinting of human tissues. The Company’s proprietary technology has the potential to shape every aspect of human health by enabling the creation of human tissues for medical research, therapeutic discovery, and regenerative medicine. Aspect is focused on partnering with academic institutions and biopharma companies to facilitate high-value discovery and development. The Company is also advancing internal tissue therapeutic programs for regenerative medicine, with an initial focus on metabolic diseases and musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. Learn more at

About the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS)

For over 60 years, the Orthopaedic Research Society has been the leading research society supporting engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, veterinarians, biologists, and clinicians in pursuit of a world without musculoskeletal limitations. The ORS continues to bring together the best researchers and surgeons in the world and gives them a community to share new research findings, discuss new ideas and to collaborate in new and innovative ways. The ORS Annual Meeting is the leading forum for the presentation of high-quality, innovative and transformative research.


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